Apppeal to save Ben.

Dear all
Pictured is ben the whippet cross, he is 26 months old, currently he is at the PDSA in Gillingham kent.
Suddenly he has started having seizures and it is believed he may have a tumour on his brain, which the pdsa cannot deal with. And he needs to see a specialist.
Bens owner mrs stilwell is 77 years old, cannot afford the estimated £2000.00 vet bill.
As a community based charity, we are trying to raise the funds to help ben and mrs stilwell.
If you can help by sharing or donating i will be extremely grateful.
Please note, there is a possibility that ben may not make a full recovery, and inevitably may loose his fight.
I believe a young dog needs a fighting chance.
Donations can be made via our charity PayPal.
Once again please be aware that ben may not pull through these seizures, i wouldn’t be happy raising funds or the public to be under any illusion, this is an appeal to try and save his life.
Thank you.


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    David 3 years ago

    How do we contribute. Have you set up a just giving page or gofundme. This treatment must be urgent but there is no link on your site

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      Wayne may 3 years ago

      Hi david.

      You can donate via paypal using the charity email address.


      Artisan rare breeds & animal rescue
      Registered HMRC charity

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    Wayne may 3 years ago

    Dear all.
    We have now raised enough funds for bens preliminary trratment.
    He has arrived home and is now on phenobarb and other meds.
    A long journey for ben, initial signs look promising. Some of the funds raised have been paid to the PDSA Gillingham to cover there costs. Ro all the staff at the pdsa round of applause you do a fantastic job Thank you.

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    nicky brooks 3 years ago

    wow arent folk fabulous. been away in the lovely lake district minus laptops etc so just read today of this story – ready to donate but my goodness all sorted………. for every evil monster there are thousands and thousands of kind people

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