Appeal for help by our London co-ordinator.

LUNA went missing for her dog-sitters house in Cranborne Road, Hayes, UB4
She is a small Italian Greyhound – dark Brown and White
Her owner Angelina was going away with her family on holiday for a week, dropped her two dogs off at the Dog Boarding House to settle in on Saturday 2nd June, but Luna escaped when a door was left open. 
Luna is in a strange area, without her family, she is timid and scared. 
She has been seen in the same area for 3 days now, so we need to try and keep her coming back. 
Angelina her owner is in a wheelchair and lives in East London, she is a carer for her dad who has Alzheimer’s and her autistic son. Their dogs are their lives!!
Please help by sharing this post, we need sightings to be able to locate Luna. 
Please call owner straight away if seen. 
Unless Luna approaches you, don’t try to catch. 
hank you”
She has her own Facebook group

Many Thanks


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