APDAWG Parliamentry meeting 26th February.

SAMPA  ( Stolen and missing pets alliance) members were kindly invited  yesterday evening  to the APDAWG ( All party parliamentry  dog advisory welfare group) to share our experiences of dog theft, microchipping and the need for tougher sentencing for dog thieves. Among the many speakers were Dr Daniel Allen, Marc Abrahams the vet ( and backer of Lucy’s law), Debbie Matthews ( vets get scanning)…Beverley Cuddy from Dogs Today magazine ( who had the audience in stitches)…oh and a rather nervous me! Its not easy to stand up in front of a crowd!

Above image shows Marc the vet and MP Ross and Lisa.

As you can see it was standing room only and photo does not show the whole of the room.

The speakers above.

Ross and Marc the vet.

The amazing thing was when the meeting ended no one left in fact they all wanted to talk further on how we can progress together.


Earlier that afternoon we had a “drop in” room at Portculliss house which was busy for 2 hours and always full…amazed at how many MP’s popped in to pledge thier support. Here are some photos…

SAMPA members together.

The DogLost crew…From left to right Nicky area volunteer Bucks, LisaP Area co-ordinator central, Me, Tim ( more about Tim later!)  Karen Area co-ordinator London…And Stephen who did not wear his polo shirt!

Lisa, Karen and Nicky …Just before she volunteered to take the banner down…Well I tried as was the tallest but could not work it out …so Nicky had a go…I t came down alright…not straight down..but definately down and almost decapitaded a shocked gentleman!

Well done all!



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