Anyone ever tried to speak to a real person on Sky helpline?

I am at my wits end!!!!  As phone and internet down had to purchase a mobile phone to call them…then after many many hours either get told to go to their website…( hello am ringing to say no service!) or they ask me to put in the number I am calling about and then ( 3 times on 3 different sky numbers)  I then get a recorded message played back by someone called Joshua asking if I want to buy tickets for the fight???? Option 1 to buy tickets option 2 others…so I press option 2…and says number not recognised and cuts me off!

What is happening at Sky?

Found out they have a store in Cardiff…so best to go in person…so called Store up to see opening times over Easter…and guess what another robotic option call system!…again unable to leave a message….AAAAAAH!!!!! or speak to anyone!


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