Anti-BSL campaigners prepare for London Rally this weekend

London Rally calling for the repeal of Breed Specific Legislation will take place this Saturday (21 July) outside Westminster, as part of the annual Global Anti-BSL Protests.

Breed Specific Legislation was introduced to the UK in 1991 with the aim of reducing dog attacks but has resulted in the suffering of countless dogs based on their appearance.

The peaceful protest, organised by DDA Watch Ltd, will take place at Old Palace Yard, Westminster, SW1P 3JY at 11am to 3pm, with similar awareness events taking place in Ottawa, Canada, Germany, Ontario, Canada and Cardiff, Wales.

DDA Watch said, “BSL is not based on any scientific evidence and is not fit for purpose. Thousands of pets continue to be put to death or deemed ‘dangerous’ based on how they look, the law is not protecting the public, it is not reducing dog bite incidents, it is causing and creating problems and is long overdue for urgent repeal. It is appalling that countless friendly dogs deemed ‘type’ have died and are facing a death sentence as they cannot be rehomed due to the flawed legislation.”

A government inquiry is currently taking place on the issue of dangerous dogs and BSL, with organisations submitting overwhelming evidence to the EFRA Committee in support of the repeal. This includes heart-breaking cases of friendly dogs deemed as a ‘type’ being put to sleep due to the legislation.

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