Another dramatic dog rescue!

Amazing story of a group of men with a passion for mountaineering.They decided to help look for missing Lilah and Cash whilst climbing Helvellyn,what a day off work it turned out to be. They spotted both dogs and managed to get them both down in one piece.Massive respect and thanks to Scott Pilling and his friends for leading them both to safety.
…And safely reunited!
 Read the DogLost time line here…


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    Julie 3 years ago

    Oh my goodness what amazing people Scott and his friends are so glad these two are now safe and reunited.

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    Owl 3 years ago

    Scott and friends called out Patterdale SAR team to help as the ledge was so dangerous. Great team work from all.

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    Jan 3 years ago

    Scott and friends couldn’t get a signal to call the rescue unfortunately.It was Scott and his friends that got them to safety.More photos to follow xxx

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