Animal lovers go wild over adorable fluffball dog groomed into perfect CIRCLE

Dog lovers have gone into utter meltdown after an animal groomer got creative with the clippers.

Adorable Sesame has been transformed into a perfect ball of fluff – and people cannot get enough of the teacup poodle’s wagging tail and happy little face.

apanese dog groomer Yoriko Hamachiyo decided the pooch needed a makeover during its appointment at her salon Yorikokoro.

And people on Instagram are absolutely loving it after she posted pictures and video of the dog along with a caption about “happy” Sesame enjoying snacks.

“I’m happy to be happy,” the caption read.

Making sure her followers got a view from every angle, the groomer posted multiple shots – including one from behind showing Sesame’s tiny tail, sending fans into another fren

The pictures and video clip have been liked thousands of times, with many commenting on how satisfying the perfect circle of fluff is.

One said: “It’s so odd that it’s cute! He’s like a perfect sphere” while another said “Omg this is the best. He looks so plump haha.”

Sesame is a perfect fluffball

“Look at this sheep dog,” another added.

Others want to recreate the look on their pets.

“This makes me want a poodle just so I can take it to the groomer to make it look like a sheep,” said one.

Another person said: “Little furbaby got dropped off to get groomed and the owners came back to pick up their sheep.”

Read more and watch the video here…

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