Animal lover and her cockapoo begin hunt for the UK’s most dog-friendly venue

Dog lover Becky Baker is setting off on a 2,500-mile road trip around the UK to find the nation’s most dog-friendly place.

Becky and her cockapoo Buddy will spend two months living in a campervan checking out cafés, pubs, walks, groomers, pet shops and public spaces.

She’s urging pet owners and businesses to get in touch with recommendations so she can provide pet parents with the most comprehensive, first-hand guide of things to do with their dog.

Becky, 35, from Wakefield, Yorks, left her job as a technical product manager and decided to take a leap of faith with her own business by hitting the open road.

She plans to blog about her #pawsontour2019 travels on her pet social media and review site, K9Nation.

She said: “It’s always been my dream to go on a road trip with Buddy and I’m hoping to check out as many dog-friendly places as possible.

“We’ll be doing lots of walking and it would be lovely if people would like to join us and show us hidden gems to visit with dogs.

“I want to create the most thorough guide I can for dog owners across the country and make friends – both two and four-legged!”

Becky’s tour will start in Peterborough on July 6. She hopes the road trip will help raise awareness of her work.

“The tour will take in some dog events including Just Dogs Live, Woofstock, Dog Lovers Festival and the Family Pet Show.

“Each place will be given a rating and at the end I’ll announce the most dog- friendly place.

Becky said: “Dogs are such a huge part of our lives which is why I wanted to create a social media site for them, where they can make friends, and also for owners to find services and resources.

“I hope to meet with charities, enterprises and rescue shelters along the way.

“It will be a challenge, as I’ve never camped before and can barely cook, but I know it will be wonderful.

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    Helen Benjamins 2 years ago

    Not sure about a specific venue but for a place, the Isle of Wight really takes some beating. As so many islanders and visitors to it are dog owners, their are numerous places where dogs are welcomed with open arms (and often dog biscuits). From ordinary private homes to lots of cafes, restaurants and public places, you will find fresh bowls of water everywhere. Walks are so numerous they could warrant a guide of their own. As you know also, we dog owners are sociable people so you can always find someone to talk to and walk with. My Jack Russell’s favourite spot is, I think, Duver. Walking from St.Helens it’s a ramble down through woodland to the tidal flats (I think that’s what they’re called) and over the grassland to the sand dunes (lots of rabbits to be chased here . Never caught one though). Then follow any track through the hedge and past the beach huts to the beach and the sea. There is a lovely cafe called Baywatch there and it seems to be where the dog walkers congregate. The cafe sadly doesn’t open through winter but when it is, it serves simple hearty fare and the best (in my opinion) hot chocolate on the island. You can also drive down to the sea front there where parking can be found. Email me if you ever think to walk there. I would like to walk the circumference of the island stopping off in the many b&b’s to be found as most welcome dogs. However my husband is not interested and my Jack is getting on and loves a walk but not for hours. I’ve actually got a bicycle extension that carries children now (similar to those found everywhere in Holland). I’ve just got to get my dog to sit in it! Then I could cycle too. Anyway that’s a fingers crossed scenario for me. Hope you and Buddy do make it though.

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