And volunteer of the week goes to…

Lesley Jones from Cheshire!    ( screen name Phoebesmum )   Lesley has been helping run the doglost FB auction page and is always making  items to sell to raise money for  DogLost. Lesley and the team from FB auction page have raised  £1,000’s to help missing dogs. Well done Lesley…and a little about  Lesley in her own words…

This is Phoebe our beautiful Golden Retriever, like all dog owners we love her to bits, if Phoebe were to get lost we would be devastated, that is where dog lost can help.
All the work involved in setting up and running a group like this needs help and funds to keep it successful.
I help as much as I can by putting items on the Dog Lost Auction Page, hand made decorations, jewellery, soft toys, teddies etc.If you are not a member already please come and join, it costs nothing.
I have always love knitting, sewing and making items which I then put for auction. I personally love hand made items because it shows they were made with love and thought.
You don’t have to make items but you could have a look around your homes and any items you think would be suitable, get them on the auction page.
I regularly ask people on other groups to help out, a lot do, because we all love dogs and want the best for them and help, if god forbid they went missing, and it could happen to anyone of us, so please help if you can.
Lesley & Phoebe.



  1. Avatar
    CJ 3 years ago

    Well done Lesley your hard work is much appreciated. Its nice to be able to put a face to the name of our lovely volunteers.

  2. Avatar
    RON 3 years ago

    Well done and keep it going… dog looks very relaxed

  3. Avatar
    Jenny Longmuir 3 years ago

    Well done Lesley , you have a beautiful Girl there xx

  4. Avatar
    Patricia Hawyes 3 years ago

    Well done Lesley Its Pat here who helps on the auction page . Always look forward to your latest innovations. Could you send the latest jewellery pics to the blog please?

  5. Avatar
    Gillian 3 years ago

    Good work well done x

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