And the latest DogLost LICKS award goes to…

DOG SOS DERBYSHIRE nominated by central co-ordinator LisaP…

DOG SOS Derbyshire are a great support to Doglost in the Derbyshire area.  Doglost co-ordinators cover large areas & the support of this dedicated local group is a big help in being able to support owners.  They have detailed knowledge of the area & can rally a large number of people quickly to help poster, search and generally help in all ways needed for owners as well as providing assistance those with found dogs

DOG SOS DERBYSHIRE was founded by a group of dog loving volunteers based in different areas of Derbyshire. Thier aim is to support and advise owners of missing/stolen dogs and hopefully help to reunite them. DOG SOS Derbyshire can be found on Facebook:

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