And our latest DogLost LICKS award winner is….

Agreed by all our NorthWest  DogLost team whose sole goal is to reunite dogs with owners..and the only way we can do this is by communicating…And  we are!

Okay …Here is the nomination by Christine…

Leigh Dog and Cat Home Went under New Management a while ago and are the Contracted Dog Warden for Wigan, Leigh,  and  West Lancs. and holding kennels for st Helens and Bolton. Already we can see improvements that have happened. Some unclaimed dogs are going to Breed specific rescues and other rescues. They advertise the strays with pictures making it easier for owners of missing dogs to see. They recommend that owners visit to see if their dog is there even if the dog isn’t on the stray List.
They have a Facebook page and quite often it’s updated with Some Dogs in their new lives.
We at DogLost Northwest have built up a good relationship with our Dog Wardens and we both want the same outcome and that is stray Dogs reunited as quickly as possible with their owners.
They on their website recommend if your Dog is Missing to add to and are more than willing for our posters to go on their Facebook group.
Because of the relationship we have built up they are very helpful when we are dealing with a missing Dog… DEMON HINDLEY WIGAN is a prime example of this.
Demon was proving a rather difficult boy to catch. Leigh Dogs and Cats Home were on standby if we needed them. We did. Without their help we would NOT have caught Demon that morning. LICKS AWARD very deserved. Special thanks to David and Adam.


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    Rach LDNWA 3 years ago

    Well done Leigh, I know many dogs are reunited through your advertising. I only wish all contracted kennels advertised their strays so many more can get home

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    gino gambara 3 years ago

    Hello it’s Gino who used to help in admin, lovely to see they have a LICKS award. I always found them very helpful with reuniting dogs.

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    Jan 3 years ago

    Leigh add all the strays to the Doglost website to ensure a wide audience and help find owners.We in the North West can then cross check any we know are missing.Leigh also post any missing in the area so they are aware if any are picked up by the Dog Warden and contact us to let us know if found.Well done Leigh for helping get these dogs home where they belong x

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