And our latest DogLost LICKS award goes to…

Our latest  LICKS award ( Local Independent Community K9 Supporters) goes to Noah’s Ark enviromental sevices. Nominated below by our West London co-ordinator Karen…screen name Karen14568-Area Co-ordinator West London.

“Noah’s Ark Environmental took over as Dog Wardens for our area early last year and we’ve built up a great working relationship.

Their MD asked if they could contact us as they picked up dogs in the area – we said of course . . .

So now, Sally McGuire, their Business Administrator sends us through photos and all information on collected dogs. We list them on DogLost and check for them as missing

The Dog Wardens also ring us when they pick up the dogs just in case we can match the dogs without them going into kennels.

They also welcome us asking them to keep an eye out for certain local missing dogs and will call if they come in.

Recently the Dog Wardens have even joined in the searches for long-term missing dogs in their own time. They are all genuine dog lovers and we really appreciate this working relationship in our area.

As they cover South Bucks too, they are a great asset to both DL West London & Buckinghamshire”



  1. Jayne
    Jayne 3 years ago

    Thank you for all your help in finding lost dogs…A well deserved award! we are proud to be working alongside you.

  2. Avatar
    CJ 3 years ago

    Great to see another well deserving award going to yet another collection/dogwarden service who are at the front-line of missing dogs.

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