And our latest DogLost LICKS award goes to…

FIND AND SEEK East London and Essex.

Nominated by myself and London co-ordinator Karen…We are proud to award The DogLost LICKS…(Local Independent Community K9 Supporters)

A little about Find and seek…

Find n Seek is a local community volunteer group that helps search for, recover and reunite dogs in East London and Essex. The group has been set up by Shelagh Savage, a well-known and highly respected local champion of our four legged friends. Shelagh has been helping lost dogs in the area, and their owners, for many years and has always worked closely with Dog Lost. The much-loved service is invaluable for any lost or found dog. Having a go-to website that everybody knows about to post details on is so important, but more than that, tapping into Dog Lost’s unparalleled database of contacts in any particular area a dog went missing provides a huge amount of support and awareness.
Find n Seek has a core team of 20+ people who met Shelagh through their animal welfare work, helping search for a missing dog, or going through the nightmare of losing a dog themselves. They include key support people, social media experts and a regular 10-strong search team. Find n Seek also has a local Facebook group – Find n Seek Search and Recovery ( – of over 150 people in the area that could provide practical support, for example putting up posters or joining an organised search. The local community is a real asset too, it’s a very dog-friendly area so people generally do what they can to help.
One recent example of us working in partnership for the benefit of a lost dog is Pablo. After seeing a post on Facebook about a found dog, Find n Seek members Leigh and Becky whizzed over to scan him and check for a microchip. The lovely boy had one… but it was Portuguese and no owner’s details were available! The team starting looking on Facebook, hoping a matching ‘lost dog’ post might appear, but no luck. Thankfully, Shelagh had a Dog Lost alert come through very quickly… and lo and behold, it was the same dog! Pablo was then able to be quickly reunited with his worried owners.
This is just one of the hundreds of dogs we’ve helped together. The incredible network of organisations that work in tandem – from Dog Lost and its highly skilled co-ordinators, volunteers and supporters; to groups such as Find n Seek and the marvellous Scruffy’s Angels; to Facebook communities like Waltham Forest 4 Dogs and Epping Forest Dog Owners – make a formidable team, and are why so many happy endings are possible.

Holly Scothern
PR, Marketing & Events

Find and seek.


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