And our latest DogLost LICKS award goes to…

Sarah…The Borough of Poole animal welfare officer.  ( DogLost screen name Sarahjwhit)  Nomination from regional Co-ordinator Gina … DogLost screen name Poochpal.

“I am nominating Sarah, for Licks. She goes above and beyond her normal duty as dog warden for Poole, always making sure the dogs have the best care and lots of fun and cuddles while with her.

Here’s the official bit about Sarah.
Poole Animal Welfare Officers provide a 24 hour service 7 days a week looking after animal welfare issues including dealing with lost and found dogs. We have recently been awarded an RSPCA Silver Footprint Award in recognition of the work involved and how we deal with these issues. We strive to work with dog owners in ensuring they act responsibly and offer a micro-chipping service which provides a permanent and simple way of protecting pets. We regularly carry out educational visits within the Borough’s Parks and Open Spaces wearing Hi-Vis vests, labelled ‘Dog Warden’ so we can speak with local dog owners and hand out ‘BOP’ poo bags. We also work with Poole Housing Partnership offering council tenants a free micro-chipping service, particularly for low income families. 

Webpage: click ‘Environment Issues’ then ‘Animal issues’


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