And another DogLost LICKS award to…

Lost and found Kettering!

I would like to nominate Lost & Found Animals in The Kettering Area for a LICKS award, with their detailed knowledge of the local area & strong team of volunteers, they will spring into action for any animal in need in their local area.  Doglost coordinators cover large areas and the support of such local groups is invaluable.
Recently, their members sprung into action when hearing of 2 dogs running scared locally, they gathered a team of volunteers to set up a feeding station and track the dogs.  One had pups whilst running loose and was safely caught, along with her pups soon after. The other girl (pictured) was very evasive, moving areas several times making it difficult to safely trap her, the team persisted though for weeks. Sadly this lovely girl was hit by a car, at first it was thought she had a broken leg, the team rallied around to ensure that her treatment costs could be covered and rescue space secured, unfortunately, upon investigation, she was found to have more injuries that were beyond treatment, the team were left devastated, but thankful for the mom and pups who were safe thanks to their efforts.
Lost & Found Animals in The Kettering Area are a Facebook group & can be found here:

Lisa P Volunteer
Regional Co-ordinator, Central Region
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