And another big welcome to new area volunteer for Warwickshire and Oxfordshire

Nominated by Central Co-ordinator LisaP…

I am delighted to introduce Sarah Gale as an area volunteer for the Oxfordshire & Warwickshire areas

Sarah lives on the Oxfordshire/Warwickshire border with her husband & 17 year old daughter and has been working hard to help lost & stolen dogs in our area with Area Co-ordinator Lin for some time. I’m delighted that she has agreed to take on this role within the Doglost team! Sarah has had boxers in her family for the last 18 years & Layla, pictured, has just turned 9! Sarah can also be found volunteering in the local Dogs Trust shop and local library, and when she has the chance enjoys pilates & walking

You will see Sarah on our main website posting as Sarah and she now has a green badge! A green badge member of our site indicates someone committed to helping lost & stolen dogs, who follows procedures and protocol as well as having access to Doglost resources & contacts as required and also working to ensure the database, our main site is kept up to date!

 Doglost is run by volunteers & they are essential to be able to provide effective, timely and proven advice and support to owners. Volunteers are given support and guidance and there are many different ways that people can help if they wish!

Photo above is of Sarah’s biggest supporter Layla.


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