Amazon delivery driver dives into pool and saves dog from drowning in water

An Amazon delivery driver saved a dog from drowning after spotting it struggling in a swimming pool.

John Cassabria was dropping off parcels when he saw the 14-year-old Husky’s snout bobbing above the water at the home in Worburn, Massachusetts.

The animal lover jumped over the garden fence, dived into the pool and pulled the pooch to safety.

Luka’s owners were just hours into a family holiday when animal control rang them to say an Amazon driver had saved their dog.

Describing the rescue, Mr Cassabria told CBS : “I saw what looked like a snout and at that moment my heart sank.

“I jumped into the pool with everything on. Phone wallet watch. None of it mattered. I thought only of the dog at that moment.

John Cassabria saved Luka after spotting him drowning in the pool (Image: CBSN Boston)

“I happened to be in the right moment at the right time. I would repeat the same actions over and over if I had to.”

It is believed the pooch was drawn into the water by a bone in the pool vacuum cord.

Luka’s owner Julie Caldwell said he never swims and would not have lasted long in the water.

The Husky is thought to have been drawn into the water by a bone (Image: CBSN Boston)
Mr Cassabria said he was in the right place at the right time (Image: CBSN Boston)

She broke down in tears when animal control told her about the ordeal.

Speaking to CBS, she said: “I’m like what? What are you talking about? He goes ‘Luka fell in your pool and the Amazon driver saved him.’ I was in tears. What in the world? Could not believe it.”

Mr Cassabria sat with the pooch for around an hour-and-a-half until the scheduled dog sitter arrived at the property.

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