Adder warning after deaf spaniel dog bitten.

A deaf dog’s “excessive curiosity” got him into trouble when he was bitten by a venomous snake.

Spaniel Toby, aged 13, could not hear his owner’s warnings as he went chasing after an adder in Newmarket, Suffolk.

The dog was bitten and rushed to specialist vets in Cambridgeshire with severe facial swelling. Toby needed four days of care before recovering.

Staff at the vets warned dog owners to be aware of adders, which can be fatal to dogs.

The snakes vary in length from 40cm (16in) to 70cm (28in) and can be distinguished from other non-poisonous native species by the zig-zag pattern on their back, or V or X-shaped markings on their heads.

They tend to wake up after hibernation in the spring.

Toby’s run-in with the adder happened earlier this month while he was being exercised on Cavenham Heath

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