Ada on Lost and found, Channel 4.

And todays featured dog is Ada…

Great to see longtime  DogLost Helper Linda out on the search to help find Ada! Never seen a thermal imaging camera in operation before…

Linda kindly raised money to buy the camera for use by Doglost local helpers by being sponsored to have her hair cut into a rainbow mohican!

How lucky those 2 guys found Ada and were able to cut her out of the ditch filled with Brambles…One very lucky dog!

DogLost helper Linda says…

“So glad Ada found by those men searching for lost ponies.   It was such a vast area and so much ground to cover we were called to a possible sighting area further away.  Glad it was another happy ending.   Its a great show and I have cried every day watching all the heartwarming stories.   Seeing all those lovely dogs going to new homes is uplifting.  Great show and I hope there will be a second series.   Especially showing dogs still lost ie: Bracelet and many others.”


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    Wendy 3 years ago

    Well done linda x

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    DogLost PR Team 3 years ago

    Linda did a sterling job out there, and thanks to her and other helpers other dogs may be helped with the use of the camera. Too early for news on a second series, but I can reveal that there are some very good viewing figures !

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    DogLost PR Team 3 years ago

    And did you see our Linda on Gogglebox ? Quite the star !

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