A sausage dog cafe is coming to London

Let’s just be real and accept that sausage dogs are one of the best. They have teeny tiny legs. They look like little sausages. They are magical. So naturally, news that the Dachshund Cafe is now coming to London is worthy of intense celebration. On Sunday 19 August, the pop-up Dachshund Cafe will open at The Happenstance in Paternoster Square in London. To be clear, this is not a cafe packed with sausage dogs or serving up sausage themed food, but a cafe for dachshunds, dachshund owners, and dachshund lovers.

Each dachshund attending will receive a free pupuccino and a bag of pupcorn, then can take their pick from a menu of pupcakes, dognuts, jammy doggers, paw-ty rings, bark-scotti, pawsecco, and more. Human guests won’t be left out, as they can enjoy cocktails and light bites while handing out treats to all the pups they meet. You don’t have to have a dog to attend – feel free to head on down just to stroke some pooch pals – but bookings are required.


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