A dog named Jesus is saved on Good Friday and people are loving the coincidence

Some coincidences simply fill you with joy. Like when you run into your ex on a day when you look amazing or find a tenner on the floor of the pub after you’ve finished your drink. Others, like the story of Jesus the dog, are just downright hilarious. On Good Friday, the religious day that commemorates Jesus’ crucifixion and death, a dog was saved by firefighters in Sutton Park, a nature reserve outside Birmingham. The Staffordshire bull terrier mix was pulled from the water by the West Midlands Fire Service.

The coincidence? His name was Jesus. That’s right – Jesus the dog was saved on the same day that Jesus the saviour allegedly died. And people are loving the coincidence, with many referencing the claim that Jesus walked on water and wondering if the dog was trying to test out this theory.

‘There were about 100 members of the public on the bank when we get there, some threatening to jump in to get the dog,’ the watch commander, Nigel Fox, told the BBC. ‘The dog had been in the lake for about 30 minutes and was going underneath the water and reappearing, so a decision was made to get a fire fighter into the water to retrieve him. The rescue only took five minutes but the owners were overjoyed to have him back.’


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