A dog festival is coming to London – and it’s the perfect place for all your pet pals

With the recent departure of summer, there’s almost nothing left to smile about. Luckily, canines – our moist-nosed huggers, our fuzz butts, our pooches – are here year-round, you ingrate! To celebrate all things canine, the Doggo Style Market is taking place on Sunday 29 September. Having kicked off just last year, London’s go-to indoor dog market returns with accessories, themed photo-ops, beer for dogs and treats from Oonalfie, Florence & Ottie, and The Rockster. There will even be gourmet burgers and ice-cream for your dog from Hugo & Celine and designer collars to show your dog just how ‘mutts’ you are about them. Bring your dogs, of course, but pets of all kind are welcome. The theme this time is dogs with jobs (which also happens to be the name of a Metro.co.uk series) so expect lots of very good doggos. It will also be a Sunday of style for the humans. The bar will serving up beverages and there will be numerous food stalls, so you aren’t a drooling mess while watching your pets feast.


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