Reunited via teamwork

A beautiful Husky Cross was found running loose in North London, by a gentleman called Martin on New Year’s Day. He tried to contact the authorities but got no response, so shared on social media to try to find the owner. He took the dog home and looked after him.
North London Dog Owners’ went into overdrive and shared widely to try and help too.
On Thursday this week another dog owner, Lora, suggested that the dog could perhaps be missing Honey who was listed on DogLost
CJ, one of the DogLost police liaison ladies, had been dealing with Martin and looked into the possibility. Honey wasn’t chipped and the Dog Warden still hadn’t attended to collect the found dog, so it was decided that we needed to go up to London and scan.
Well, what an unexpected result . . .
This dog had a chip, so wasn’t Honey; CJ contacted the owners and they’d been frantically looking for Shadow for 3 days. Not aware of DogLost and not on social media, they’d spoken to the police and been up to the Mayhew, but no luck.
They were over the moon and got in the car straight away to come and meet us to be reunited with their boy.
In this situation it really shows how important it is to have dogs chipped and to ensure that the details are kept up to date with the Microchip Companies, not just your vets.
Unfortunately Honey is still missing; so please continue to look out for her and contact or owner with any information. Thank you
Karen London co-ordinator.


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