Worlds fastest Pug

The ‘Usain Bolt of pugs’ has won the title of world’s fastest pug for the third year running. Emma is a four year old pup who just loves to zoom. She was one of 60 dogs competing in the International Pug Race, held in Berlin on Saturday 18 August, where pups and their owners from around the world gathered to celebrate the speediest pugs. Emma completed the 50 metre dash in under six seconds, making her the clear winner.

Pugs aren’t generally famed for their athletic abilities, being bred neither as working dogs nor watchdogs. They’ve got adorably chunky, loaf-like little bods and short, stubby legs – not to mention the squashy face and (less cute) breathing problems which can accompany it. Most pugs won’t be invited to the doggy Olympics anytime soon and the average speed of a pug (depending on age and health) is between three and five miles per hour. However, Emma’s need for speed set her apart from the other contestants

Although some pugs struggled to compete the 50 metres in under 40 seconds and others got adorably distracted and ran the wrong way, Emma flew across the finishing line. Her little eyes were aflame with the impending glory of winning first place and with unadulterated love for the pure act of zooming. Her time meant that she was running at an approximate speed of 18.6 miles per hour, well above the average for ordinary puggos. Did you know? A group of pugs is called a Grumble. (Not that anyone can actually grumble when confronted by a bunch of gorgeous puggos, all wagging their curly tails.) This was the 9th annual International Pug Meeting, and it remains to be seen whether Emma will defend her title for the fourth year running in 2019


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