Grass seeds are very prevalent at the moment. They look like arrows on the end of the grass and are very sharp with barbs that point backwards. If caught on a dog’s coat, they can cause problems.

There are two areas in particular to watch out for.

First is the skin between the toes, where problems can be hard to spot due to the fur.

In some cases you won’t be aware until the seed has penetrated the skin and caused an abscess. Look out for the dog constantly licking the area.

The seed needs to be removed as soon as possible otherwise it will track up the leg and could end up virtually anywhere – I have seen one end up in the bladder.

Another area to watch is the ear as seeds can easily travel to the eardrum causing a painful infection.

I would trim all the hair around the feet and ears, avoid long grass for the next month and inspect for seeds after each walk.

If any problems do arise, see your vet immediately.

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