Why does a dog lick you?

Generally speaking, a dog will only lick you if they feel safe in doing so. Dogs lick EVERYTHING for many different reasons, but when it comes to contact with humans, or any other animal, a dog will not venture to lick unless they feel completely safe in doing so.

Of course the more a dog gets to know their owner, and if the owner is the kind of owner that invites the dog to be affectionate, then most certainly that dog will lick you because he/she feels a bond with you, and they feel safe enough to lick you and show their affection for you.

However, their reasons for licking you can vary. Sometimes it’s because they want to show their love (as this is one of the only ways a dog can physically show affection), sometimes it’s because you taste good, maybe a little sweaty (and therefore salty), or because you have come into contact with something that tastes nice and the dog has sniffed it out and it licking it off your skin.

Regardless, when it’s all said-and-done, dogs will only lick what they feel safe licking. So, you can be sure that if a dog is licking you, it’s because they feel that you are not going to harm them, and perhaps, will even reward them for their licks…and maybe just because they appreciate you and want to show their appreciation for you..something we humans often refer to as love. 🙂

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