Seven pupies rescued from tar

Seven puppies got stuck in hot tar after their mum gave birth near a construction site in India. The dog had her nine puppies close to where crews had left behind nearly-empty barrels of bitumen. The three-week-old pups were playing inside the metal containers when seven of them got stuck.

Children alerted the fire service after they spotted the mother dog and two pups sitting nearby whining in despair.

Eight volunteers rushed to the spot and carried the two barrels to the Kanjirappally fire station, on Tuesday. They cut the barrels apart and carefully extricated the puppies using vegetable oil and diesel, during an eight-hour rescue operation. One of the volunteers said: ‘The condition of the puppies was very bad.

Seven pups which were trapped in bitumen were rescued after a marathon effort in Kanjirappally in Kerala, India. See SWNS story SWPUPS. A dog had given birth to 9 pups near a road construction site, where the crew had left behind a few empty barrels of tar. The three-week-old pups had gone to play inside the barrels where the tar had melted due to heat and got stuck. A few children noticed the mother dog and two of her pups sitting near these barrels and whining in despair. They saw the trapped pups and called Friends of Animals of Kottayam, an animal welfare group. Eight volunteers rushed to the spot and shifted the two barrels to the Kanjirappally fire station. They cut the barrels using gas cutters and carefully extricated the pups using vegetable oil and diesel.

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