6 Signs That Tell It’s Time Your Dog Needs a Bath

As a dog owner, it is obvious you know that grooming is a basic need of a dog. However, the question is, after how long should he be bathed? The timing factor has proven to be tricky for many pet owners. How often should you wash your dog? Is it after a day, week or even months?

There is no exact time interval for bathing your dog. The frequency depends on several factors which include the age of the pet, breed, health condition, outdoor activities, and a preexisting health condition.

Even with the above factors, you may still not be sure about the issue of timing. To give you a better understanding, here are the signs that tell it is time to bath your dog.

  1. The Dog Has Rolled on Something Smelly

We know that dogs can be quite adventurous when outdoors. They can do anything to satisfy their curiosity. Some of them will look for anything that is giving out a foul smell. Just sniffing won’t be enough. They will go ahead and roll on those items

While some smells can disappear in a matter of minutes, others can take days before they go. The smell can be too much making it difficult to play around with the pup in your house.

When it reaches that point, know that it is time to bath your dog. After all, it is not sexy to play around with a smelly dog, no matter how cute it looks. You may need more than just water to get rid of some smell. If you find yourself in such a situation, you should consider using the best smelling dog shampoo. Not only will your dog be sparkling clean but will also have a fresh smell.

  1. Your Dog Has Fleas, Ticks, and Mites

Fleas, mites, and ticks have one thing in common: They are attracted to dirty dogs (1). You should make a major move once you start seeing these insects.

Fleas have a habit of moving from one body part to another. Mites and ticks tend to establish a permanent residence on the specific part of the body.

You should embark on washing your dog once these parasites start appearing. Here the exercise will be more than just grooming. The cleaning should be able to get rid of these parasites which have devastating health effects .

You don’t need to a veterinary officer to tell you that your dog is infested with ticks, mites, and fleas. A physical inspection of the dog’s skin is enough.

When it comes to cleaning a dog that is infested with mites, you need to be extra vigilant with the type of products that you use. Buy shampoo that is capable of exterminating the external parasites. It should also be gentle on the skin because dogs that are infested with parasites are likely to have some wounds on their skin.

Consider consulting your vet for the right type of shampoo to use.

  1. Dandruff

Like human beings, dogs also get dandruff. There are several causes of dog dandruff, and they include climate, oily skin, and poor grooming habits.

Do not treat dog dandruff as a regular thing. It is usually a sign of an underlying problem. It could signal an infection that the dog is suffering from. Let’s not forget that dandruff can be itchy. They usually cause pain and discomfort on the mongrels.

You should bath your dog once you start seeing dandruff on his skin. The grooming will get rid of dandruff while at the same time, make your dog look more presentable. The exercise will also make the canine comfortable as there will be no more pain and discomfort.

For the effective dog cleaning, consult your veterinary associate so that you can be advised on best and safe shampoo that can get rid of dandruff. It is also prudent that you identify the source of dandruff so that you can put preventive measures. The consultation will also provide an opportunity to address other health issues that may be caused by dandruff.

  1. Doggy Smell

All dogs have their unique natural smell which is always referred to as the doggy smell (3).

Despite being natural, very few people can tolerate this smell. Even if you love your dog, the smell can make you avoid spending time with your pet. Sometimes the dog can leave traces of the smell everywhere it goes through. The whole room may end up having a doggy smell.

Doggy smell is usually caused by various factors which mainly involve different dog parts. In most cases, the smell will emanate from the mouth, ears, anal glands and the dog’s feet.

The good news is this odor can be managed or even controlled. You don’t have to put up with it. Grooming the puppy is one of the viable options that you can take. The best smelling dog shampoo can do quite a good job in getting rid of the doggy smell.

If the smell is too strong or persists, you should take him for a further medical checkup.

  1. Dog Allergies

Sometimes it is always necessary to groom dogs that are suffering from different types of skin allergies. Bathing can soothe the dog and reduce the discomfort that is caused by the allergen.

Some types of dog shampoo such as oatmeal shampoo are known to be hypo-allergenic. Grooming can help to remove dander which may be holding allergens.

  1. Strenuous Exercises

Dogs accumulate a substantial amount of dirt during long trips or when doing exercises. After you are done with all the activities, you should give him a cold, refreshing bath.

Bathing your dog after a severe exercise helps him to relax and stay calm. You will also be able to eradicate all foreign objects such as allergens and parasites.

Next time you are not sure about when to wash your dog, check out these pointers. They can tell you whether it is time to bath your dog. While doing so, remember to use the recommended products.

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