How much pain do you suppose a dog endures when being put to sleep?

For my dog, he had cancer, and there was nothing we could do for him anymore… We decided it was time to say goodbye, and give him a peaceful end. I saw him trying to bite the syringe when the vet inserted the first needle (to make him sleep), so I guess he felt that… then he fell asleep. He didn’t react for the second needle (to… well.), and then he was gone… the only suffering I witnessed was the first needle.

As for my cat, he has the FIP and, once again, nothing could be done anymore. He had a catheter in the leg, so they put the medicine to make him sleep, he felt nothing. Then the second liquid. He was in my arms the whole time. I’ll never forget the sensation of his little body tensing, raiding, and the growl-like sound he made… it was not suffering, it was a reaction the the product… and then, it was over.

My dog suffered more because of his disease than because of the needle or the medicine. same went for my cat. After that, the one suffering the most was… me. But, even though they say you “have to take a decision”, you have no choice. I chose to feel the pain of guilt and grief (which I would have experienced anyway, but later) so they didn’t have to feel the pain of their disease anymore.

That was the most painful thing I’ve ever done, yet the best proof of love I could give them.

If you have to do it, have no regrets.

Jenna Crescent, Proud owner of two little furry balls answer on Quora.

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