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    Lisa Ann West 3 years ago

    Done. x

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    Blogmod 3 years ago

    Thanks Lisa x

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    Jan Lancashire 3 years ago

    Done x

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    Blogmod 3 years ago

    Thanks Jan too 🙂 x If we all support these thunderclaps it really helps to spread the word and let people know and hopefully help get them home…..

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    CJ 3 years ago

    SHE IS HOME !!!!!! X post from VGS.
    Michelle Deluce
    9 hrs
    SHE’S HOME!!!!!!!!!

    She’s tired, she’s limping a bit but she’s f**king HOME!!!!!!!!!!!
    I AM SO HAPPY!!!!! Little madam was camping nearby and came running out to her name being called!
    I can’t thank everyone enough for all their help sharing, searching, giving me support, putting up with me constantly crying and panicking and refusing to eat and sleep.
    I have never felt worry like it in my life. But I’m SO relieved she’s home.
    A special thankyou to my best friends Meg Evans and Beverley Gregson who have been there every minute of the day putting up with me. And a HUGE HUGE thankyou to Donna Ryan, Deb Barry, Angela Booth, Dawn Goulden Was Hanrahan, Sara Lewis, Jan Major and DogLost North West for stepping in and being just amazing with EVERYTHING. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart to everyone, it’s amazing how complete strangers aswell as my friends have stepped up and offered their help and support. I’m completely overwhelmed.
    Thankyou a thousand times ❤❤❤❤

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