Ex marine refuses to leave his dogs and staff in Kabul.

A Royal Marine veteran who founded an animal sanctuary in Afghanistan has promised not to leave the country without his staff. Former Commando Paul ‘Pen’ Farthing said his wife tried to escape at Kabul Airport yesterday, but she became ‘crushed’ in the uncontrolled crowd. He has now urged the British Government to help his staff, […]

Doglost needs your help building a new website

Doglost is building a new website and needs your help! If you think you have the skills or know anyone who does then let us know via the link at the end. As you may know the doglost website has not changed much in recent years and it’s starting to get a bit long in […]

Doglost needs your help moving our WordPress blog

Doglost has been running a blog at https://blog.doglost.co.uk/ for many years and the existing hosting is starting to creak a bit. As part of plans to modernize Doglost’s technology we need to get the blog moved onto new hosting. We currently don’t have enough volunteer power on the side to get the job done so […]