Dog owners scared to walk their pets amid 170% surge in thefts

Dog owners say they are too scared to walk their pets alone amid a 170% surge in dognapping over the last year. Holly Morgan, 26, from Nottingham, had her dog stolen in August 2019 and faced sleepless nights worrying whether he was okay. She said: ‘Having my dog stolen was definitely the worst, stressful and […]

DogZoom Online Rally

Join us tonight here at 6pm to learn the facts about #PetTheft#PetTheftAwarenessWeek Watch an introductory video at: You do not need a Facebook account to view the content – click on “Not Now” if you are prompted to create an account If you were not able to watch live, you can still watch a […]

Dogs are family, right?

#DogTheftAwarenessDay highlights the urgent need to amend the ‘1968 Theft Act’ where pets are not even mentioned! How much longer before the problem taken seriously and something is done?National #PetTheftAwarenessWeek March14th-21st The past year has seen a 170% increase in dog thefts according to stats. Some of these thefts have been violent. All of […]