Pet Theft AWARENESS and The Dog Union

The ninth annual national #PetTheftAwarenessWeek concludes tomorrow with #MissingCatsDay – Thank you to everyone who has shared the posts and promoted the campaign. The Dog Union has offered several different letter templates (which you can personalise) to different leading figures who hold the keys to our call for ‘Pet Theft’ to be a specific crime […]


IS ‘YOUR’ PET STOLEN? Seeing puppies and kittens with their mum at the seller’s home is a good start if you can’t find a suitable rescue pet. New pets should immediately be checked for a microchip and if you have mistakenly bought a stolen pet you MUST make contact with the true owner.If you don’t […]

Tack theft is a huge problem along with ownership disputes

Tack theft is a huge problem along with ownership disputes. Definitely seek legal advice before loaning out horses. Horse thefts from victims: YOU CAN HELP by emailing your MP by clicking link below:…/ #PetTheftAwarenessWeek