FernsLaw Update

MICROCHIPS: Government Consultation on dog and cat Microchipping and Scanning: Responses should be received by 17 February 2021. DEFRA: We are launching this consultation to seek your views on proposals to make cat microchipping a compulsory requirement of cat ownership in England. We are also taking this opportunity to consult on the compulsory scanning of […]

Where is Rosie? – #GetRosieHomeForXmas

Rosie, a Fox Red Labrador, has been missing from her home in the Swinton area of Greater Manchester since Tuesday 8th December 2020. On the date in question, Rosie’s owner, Elaine, let her into the garden for around 10 minutes before noticing she had disappeared. Despite extensive searching efforts in the area, there has been […]

Dog theft: Organised crime driving ‘epidemic’ of dog snatching

Demand for dogs skyrocketed in lockdown and has risen again in the run-up to Christmas. Prices have soared as a result. Organised crime is exploiting the situation by smuggling puppies from abroad and stealing dogs in the UK. Dog thefts are now believed to be at an unprecedented high, with puppies stolen for immediate sale and adults taken for forced breeding on […]