How many pet microchip scanners do the UK Police own?

With almost ten million dogs in the UK required to have microchips – and the possibility of compulsory cat microchipping – we contacted all the UK constabularies to see if they have enough scanners to deal with the current laws that go with dog and horse compulsory microchipping? Before we get into the figures let’s […]

Little charmer

From Jill Trick (Wales Regional Co-ordinator)… Just to give you an idea of what and who was involved in keeping little escapee Charm, safe at the M4 services during those 4 days and 3 freezing nights! A discarded broken wheelie bin was used to make a bedding and feeding area, one pallet was placed in […]

Remembering Jan

From Founder, Jayne Hayes… Wednesday was a sad day but it was lovely to see how many people turned up, it was standing room only.  It was lovely to meet with her family, especially Jan’s daughter, Julie who has inherited her mum’s sense of humour. DogLost were well represented by myself (Jayne Hayes), Claire Gresty, […]