Neglected dog’s fur was so matted her paws dissolved

A severely neglected dog had to be put down after her paws had ‘dissolved’ under faeces-covered matted fur, which had been left for months. The little Shih Tzu, Lola, was left struggling to walk after the skin on her back legs had disintegrated so badly that the bone was left exposed. Her owner Carla Freer, […]

Foxy,s adventure and reunited photos…

Thank you area co-ordinator Katie fox for letting us know what happened… Foxy the Chihauhau pup of 12weeks old was on her first adventure, on Sunday afternoon, with her siblings and parents on a group wander in the quiet backwater paths of Longleat estate Wiltshire. On the middle of their planned circuit walk another walker […]

Roomba iRobot rolls into dog poo and vacuums it all over the house

Those pesky (but handy) AIs might be taking our jobs with their cool technological ways but they’re not perfect. The Roomba robot vacuum, for example, certainly makes hoovering the house easier. But apparently it doesn’t know how to detect dog poo. One man learned that the hard way. Ryan Landy, from Florida, U.S, left out […]