Pua the adorable baby border collie was born with two noses

An adorable border collie puppy was born with two noses. Five-week-old Pua, named after the pig in Disney film Moana, has to be bottle fed every two hours as he can’t suckle due to his noses. The blue merle collie, who was born to mum Willow and has two brothers and four sisters, has been […]

Woman fined £1,000 for walking dog off lead

A pet owner said she was ‘absolutely gobsmacked’ when she was ordered to pay £1,000 for walking her dog OFF its lead – of which £500 was a fine. Jane Hurry took her beloved Alsatian, Max, for a stroll near to her home in Colchester, Essex. The mum-of-two was crossing playing fields when she was approached by […]