The Chow down challenge

To support the 130,000 dogs taken in by UK shelters every year, – the pet wellbeing startup – is launching The Chow Down Challenge, a nationwide social media craze that will see 250,000 healthy meals being fed to shelter dogs across the UK by the end of the summer.


The Chow Down Challenge


Starting Monday June 24, Paws will challenge dog lovers to show their pup chowing down their favourite meal. For every mealtime moment shared online, Paws will feed a healthy meal to a shelter dog in the UK.


To get involved, people will need to:


  1. Share a video, photo or GIF of their pup ‘chowing down’ their dinner to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
  2. Mention #BuyFoodGiveFood and @Paws
  3. Nominate and tag 3 friends to keep the ‘bowl’ rolling


Neil Hutchinson, Founder of Paws, says: “In 2018 we launched a mission to tackle pet abandonment. Buy Food, Give Foodis an initiative which helps the UK’s brilliant independent dog shelters, many of whom struggle to get funding and afford healthy meals for their dogs. We’re hoping that the Chow Down Challenge will spread the word even further about these unsung heroes, and we can’t wait to see what the nation’s dog-loving community has to share. We know they will make a difference to those all-important meal donations, these amazing shelters and their brave dogs”.

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