101 Dalmations…coming up for sale on Ebay to raise funds for DogLost

We have kindly been given a vast selection of vintage collectable Mc Donalds 1990’s Dalmations ( all different) to help raise funds for DogLost…if you have any Dalmation crazy friends please share the link below…they will go on Ebay shortlyt…There are a few extra naughty dogs that would not stand up and so caused all the others to fall over!

Great stocking fillers for Dalmation owners!

Link  Ebay…



  1. jan 11 months ago

    I am sure Dalmatian lovers would love to own these x

  2. Sharon Wardle 11 months ago

    Jayne, I’ve shared to Facebook and Twitter and I’ll share again often xx

  3. Jill 11 months ago

    Sharing these lovelies 😊

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