10 Fun Facts About the Scottish Terrier

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  1. The Scottie originally belonged to a group of dogs collectively called Skye terriers that included modern breeds like the West Highland, Skye, and Cairn terriers.
  2. While most often seen with black coats, the Scottie also comes in almost-white to cream and even brindle, though the strips are often hard to see except when the coat is cut short.
  3. Along with the German shepherd, the Scottie is the only breed to have lived in the white house on three separate occasions. FDR, Eisenhower, and George W. Bush all owned at least one Scottie.
  4. A Scottie is one of the most beloved Monopoly game pieces.
  5. Almost all Scotties today can trace their genes back to a single female named Splinter II who was bred in Britain in the late 1800s.
  6. Second, only to the fox terrier, the Scottie has won numerous titles at the Westminster Dog Show.
  7. Like all ratters, these dogs like to dig. If you want to save your flower bed, try building your Scottie their very own sandbox filled with buried toys and treasures.
  8. Scotties were originally wheaten, grey, or “grizzle.” The black coat didn’t become popular until the 1900s.
  9. These short-legged, large-headed dogs are not huge fans of the water and care should always be taken when they are around swimming pools and ponds.
  10. The First Earl of Dumbarton coined the term “diehard” in reference to the Scottie because of their undying determination and gusto.

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