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Man has axe held to his throat when dognappers stole his puppy.

A terrified dog owner had an axe held up to his throat as three thugs raided his home for his American bulldog puppy. David Waters, 20, and partner Caitlyn Maley, 21, only had Cairo for two weeks, and had not even taken him for his first walk. The couple now fear the dognappers spotted Cairo, […]

Up date from Graham at Drone SAR.

FOREIGN RESCUES and TRACKERS Firstly this post is NOT a dig at any foreign rescue or any dogs coming into the country where ever they are from. We are here for ALL missing dogs, but every now and then we will get a large number of overseas rescue dogs coming into the country and inevitably […]

Are we getting close to compulsery scanning?

Aricle published in Todays Daily Telegraph. Are we getting close to compulsory scanning and checking of microchips? In the Telegraph today 🥰Cats to be microchipped by law in Government crackdown on pet theftsPolice figures show that number of cats being stolen has risen by 12.3 per cent during the Covid pandemicAll 10 million cats in […]

Woman pushed to ground and her dog is stolen.

A family has been left ‘heartbroken’ after their sausage dog was violently snatched by two men while out for a walk. One of the thieves tackled the woman to the ground before the other yanked two-year-old Minnie by the lead and bundled her into a car.  The unnamed owner reportedly heard her beloved dachshund ‘crying’ […]


The following dogs are featured in the DogLost column in the current issue of The Countryman’s Weekly. For further details on each dog, enter the 6 digit DogLost ID in the search box on the website:


Theft-by-Finding is a major crime for cat and dog owners. #MissingCatsDay recognises that cat theft is a serious issue. Use the hashtag above to share and view other missing and stolen cats. Read the new ‘Cat Theft Report 2021’ and see the stats:…/cat-theft…#PetTheftReform

Dog Theft Report – Crimewatch Live

Earlier this week, on the 18th March 2021, the BBC One show “Crimewatch Live” covered a special report into the incredibly concerning rise in dog theft across the UK. You can view the 7-minute report below: Featured image by Fungai Tichawangana from Pixabay.

Pet Theft AWARENESS and The Dog Union

The ninth annual national #PetTheftAwarenessWeek concludes tomorrow with #MissingCatsDay – Thank you to everyone who has shared the posts and promoted the campaign. The Dog Union has offered several different letter templates (which you can personalise) to different leading figures who hold the keys to our call for ‘Pet Theft’ to be a specific crime […]


IS ‘YOUR’ PET STOLEN? Seeing puppies and kittens with their mum at the seller’s home is a good start if you can’t find a suitable rescue pet. New pets should immediately be checked for a microchip and if you have mistakenly bought a stolen pet you MUST make contact with the true owner.If you don’t […]

Tack theft is a huge problem along with ownership disputes

Tack theft is a huge problem along with ownership disputes. Definitely seek legal advice before loaning out horses. Horse thefts from victims: YOU CAN HELP by emailing your MP by clicking link below:…/ #PetTheftAwarenessWeek

Dogs are stolen from wherever thieves can get their hands on them!

Dogs are stolen from wherever thieves can get their hands on them! Gardens are the most common place, and stats show about half of stolen dogs are removed from the garden. Our advice is to not take any risks and never leave your dog unattended. YOU CAN HELP by emailing your MP by clicking link […]

Aldi launches mini scalloped chairs and chaise longues for pets

Pets deserve to live a life of luxury – so Aldi is offering miniature chaise longues and velvet chairs for them to relax in. An upgrade from the standard bed, the pet furniture comes in grey or pink and matches some human-sized items the store has sold in the past. You can still grab a […]

How can you prevent your pets or horses from being stolen?

How can you prevent your pets or horses from being stolen?Where are they vulnerable? Stay fully focused whilst walking your dog. Avoid being distracted by mobile phones. Organised dog thieves will steal from gardens, or puppies at viewings and targeted burglaries. YOU CAN HELP by emailing your MP by clicking link below:…/

Dog owners scared to walk their pets amid 170% surge in thefts

Dog owners say they are too scared to walk their pets alone amid a 170% surge in dognapping over the last year. Holly Morgan, 26, from Nottingham, had her dog stolen in August 2019 and faced sleepless nights worrying whether he was okay. She said: ‘Having my dog stolen was definitely the worst, stressful and […]

DogZoom Online Rally

Join us tonight here at 6pm to learn the facts about #PetTheft#PetTheftAwarenessWeek Watch an introductory video at: You do not need a Facebook account to view the content – click on “Not Now” if you are prompted to create an account If you were not able to watch live, you can still watch a […]

Dogs are family, right?

#DogTheftAwarenessDay highlights the urgent need to amend the ‘1968 Theft Act’ where pets are not even mentioned! How much longer before the problem taken seriously and something is done?National #PetTheftAwarenessWeek March14th-21st The past year has seen a 170% increase in dog thefts according to stats. Some of these thefts have been violent. All of […]

Electric shock dog collar videos on YouTube draw fierce criticism.

Videos promoting the use of ‘shock collars’ for dogs on YouTube have been criticised by animal rights charities. Used in ‘dog training’ videos, animal welfare charity Blue Cross said the methods are ‘inhumane and ineffective’ and should either come with a warning or be banned altogether. Electric shock collars for pets is currently legal, though […]

A big thank you to your Fairy dog mother

Over the Christmas Period Doglost helped a customer of ours to find her mothers dog Finn that had escaped from home and gone missing.He was eventually trapped and returned home safely.In order to say thank you for all the time and effort that had been put into finding him we decided that we would hold […]

Media appeal for stolen Milks.

Milks the French Bulldog Submitted by Lily Trueman A desperate appeal has been issued to find a french bulldog which was stolen from Pillgwenlly, Newport on Thursday, February 11, 2021. Milks is just one of 465 dogs reported as stolen to DogLost, the UK’s largest lost and stolen dog service. Milks is a female, grey […]